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Dear Colormanagement User,

on this website you will find ICC profiles of international printing standards and specifications. The ICC profiles based on the FOGRA characterization data relate back to printing conditions specified in the ISO 12647 series of international standards. ICC profiles based on the GRACoL and SWOP characterization data relate back to their printing specifications.

Separation style and naming convention
The profile name ending "_bas.icc" indicates that the software used for profile generation is basICColor.
The GCR-profiles with the profile name ending "_GCR_bas.icc" were made in cooperation by Jan-Peter Homann and basICColor GmbH. All the GCR-profiles have a very strong GCR in the neutral axis and a medium GCR in the more saturated colors for a good and stable grey balance in standardised printing.
The ICC profiles which are geared to the naming of the ISO profiles published by the European Color Initiative (ECI) have a similar black separation. The difference to the ECI profiles is the optimized gamut mapping in basICColor.

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