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Test images

In order to download all test images at once please go to the Downloads section.

basICColor desktop images
(6,5 MB)

The desktop background images are used to check and evaluate the monitor calibration. The test elements are used for a visual check of highlight and shadow, the tonal response curve (gamma) and a neutral continous gradient on the monitor.
Additional test images permit to control the uniformity of the monitor.

Universal SmoothnessTest.tif (2,3 MB)
This test image contains 16,7 million colors of a
24-bit RGB file. Convert this test image with the designated ICC profile. So you can evaluate very quick and easily the color reproduction and smoothness quality of the output profile. (20/12/2006)

TestingSeparations ChannelAllocation.tif
(292 KB)

This file is stored in the LAB color space and has 13 slices through the LAB color space. Convert this image also with your output profile. Selecting the different color channels in Adobe Photoshop enables you to evaluate the black generation and separation behaviour of your profile. Also the use of the "Gamut warning" option in Photohsop and its impact with different parameters in the color settings can be checked with this LAB file. (19/12/2006)

Testing ToneValueDifferentiation.tif (752 KB)
This test image is used to evaluate the ICC output profile regarding the tone value differentiation.
Depending on the used rendering intent differentiation in out-of-gamut colors will be lost. (30/01/2007)

SmoothnessCheck RG radial.tif (660 KB)
This file shows a synthetic gradient with colors that
can be found in „still“ images (e.g. fruit). The tertiary colors can also be found in the shadow area
of skin tones. Radial gradients are showing very good changes based on non-uniform mapping. (30/01/2007)

Test Out-of-Gamut colors.tif (1,2 MB)
The test image is a simple JPG file with out-of-gamut colors in a standardised offset print. This
image already shows the typical JPG or rather 8-bit quantisation effect. Especially difficult to reproduce in CMYK are the areas in the cap and the unsharp logo on the right side in the background. If the output profile doesn't have a homogeneous gamut mapping tone value bandings will appear after the transformation. (22/03/2007)

SourceProfileTest CMYK 5percent.tif (2,3 MB)
With this test image the suitability of an ICC
profile as reference-/source profile in a digital printing workflow will be checked. The A2B tables (CMYK ---> Lab) of the profile will be evaluated. In addition the impact of a reseparation (CMYK ---> CMYK) can be identified. (22/03/2007)

Colorful Night.tif (1,2 MB)
This test image contains very dark colors to make the impact of a reseparation clear. In addition this image shows the suitability of an ICC profile as source-/reference profile in a digital printing
workflow, LFP print, photo print. Testing the A2B-table of the ICC profile (CMYK ---> Lab). (22/03/2007)


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